Midtown – Westport a Neighborhood in Kansas City

One of the nicest neighborhoods in Kansas City is Midtown – Westport. It’s a beautiful area with many amenities and plenty to do, making it an excellent place for families as well as those looking for entertainment or nightlife options within walking distance from home. This neighborhood is very popular among people who work downtown or at Union Station because they can get there quickly without having to deal with all of the hassle that comes along with commuting during rush hour traffic times! While you may not find me living here anytime soon, I have lived in this neighborhood before when my job was located near The Sprint Center which made getting out undowntown extremely easy (and we could walk to some great restaurants).

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Midtown – Westport is known for being a very walkable neighborhood with great amenities such as: Bakersfield, The Phoenix Project, and many other bars and restaurants. This area of Kansas City has plenty to offer families too including the Nelson-Atkins Museum (which has one of my favorite outdoor spaces in all of KC), Kemper Art Museum, Hyde Park Bar & Grill which was voted by Zagat as having one of the top 100 plates of macaroni and cheese in America! There are also several parks nearby that provide green space along with recreational opportunities like Greenwood Community Center & Pool or Swope Memorial Golf Course. Also within walking distance from this cute little residential area you have some amazing dining options at places like Grunhauer’s & Tasso Greek Eatery.

Midtown – Westport has a very active neighborhood association and is always hosting events such as yoga in the park, farmers markets, movie nights on Mass street (yes that’s right…Mass Street) which allows you to catch first run movies while sitting on picnic blankets with your pup or eating some delicious food truck grub! This area of town is also close enough to downtown where many residents can walk into work if they live near The Sprint Center, Power & Light District or anywhere else along Main Street within walking distance. There are so many things this cute little community offers its families and it will not disappoint even those who may have lived here before because there are new businesses popping up all the time and this place is quickly becoming a KC favorite! I hope you will consider checking out Midtown – Westport when looking for your new home in Kansas City because it’s got so much to offer everyone.

Midtown – Westport offers plenty of restaurant options, including Bakersfield which has some of the best Mexican food in all of Missouri (and they even have amazing margaritas!) There are also many bars such as The Phoenix Project that feature live music almost every night making them an excellent spot to hangout with friends or just grab drinks after work on weekdays without having to deal with driving or parking downtown.

This neighborhood is very walkable so whether you’re headed down Mass street at Sprint Center where they have tons of first run movies for $0.99 or you’re looking to get a coffee at Westside Local, this area has got plenty in store for walkers! There are also several green spaces nearby that provide parks and recreational options such as Swope Memorial Golf course which is open year round with a driving range & putting greens so golfing season doesn’t ever end here! Hyde Park Bar And Grill was voted by Zagat as having one of the top 100 plates of macaroni and cheese in America too…yum!!