Landmarks in Kansas City, Missouri


Here are the List of Landmarks that you must Go and See for Yourself!

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The Nelson-Atkins Museum Of Art

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is one of the largest art museums in the Midwest. Located on 45 acres, there are over 23,000 works spanning five centuries and a variety of cultures. The museum features artwork from artists such as Rembrandt van Rijn to local Kansas City artist Tom Lovell.

National WWI Museum And Memorial

The National WWI Museum and Memorial is located in Kansas City, Missouri. The museum itself sits on the former site of Camp Doniphan, which was used as a training camp for World War I soldiers during 1917-1918.

Kansas Speedway

Located just outside Kansas city, this speedway has hosted NASCAR races since 2001 with Sprint Cup Series events every year except one (2007). Other motor sports events have been held here too such as IndyCar series and ARCA Racing Series presented by Menards events.

City Market

A historic landmark that dates back to 1857 when it opened under another name: Union Market. This public market originally sold produce from nearby farms until various other goods became including meat products, dairy items, and baked goods.

18th & Vine Jazz District

In the 1920s, 18th Street was a hot spot for nightlife in Kansas City with over 200 nightclubs at its peak. The music scene thrived here as well with jazz becoming more popular during this era. Today, there’s still a bit of history left behind thanks to places like Mutual Musicians Foundation (1926), Gem Theater (1920-present) and the Blue Room (1929).

Kansas City Zoo And Botanical Garden

Located on 67 acres just south of downtown Kansas city is one place you don’t want to miss: The Kansas City Zoo! Home to nearly 500 animal species from all around the world such as tigers, gorillas, orangutans, elephants and more.

Kansas City Royals Stadium (Kauffman Stadium)

Built in 1973 as the home for Kansas City’s Major League Baseball team The Kansas City Royals, this stadium is known to be one of the first stadiums with a full grass field instead of artificial turf. It has also been recognized by both ESPN and “Baseball America” Magazine several times over including being named best ballpark in 1991.

The Country Club Plaza (Country Club District)

One of Kansas city’s most popular shopping districts that was built during 1920-1930! This district offers just about everything from fashion retailers like Anthropologie or Lululemon to fine dining at places like Gram & or Blue Duck Tavern . Also, be sure to check out the many art galleries, specialty shops and fountains.

Kansas City Public Library (Central)

Dedicated on December 14th, 1972 in downtown Kansas city is the main branch of The Kansas City Public Library system that sits across from Union Station with its unique architecture designed by George Dahl .

Starlight Theatre (Broadway Theater District)

One of America’s largest outdoor amphitheaters located near Starlight park! This theater hosts several Broadway productions every year as well as other events throughout the summer months such as concerts, operas or musicals like “Grease” during 1996-2008.

City Market Music Hall (18th & Vine Jazz District)

A historic landmark built between two buildings that houses a performance stage on the lower level and upstairs is The American Jazz Museum. This venue has hosted several famous jazz acts such as Count Basie or Duke Ellington during their stay in Kansas City, Missouri.