City Parks in Kansas City MO

In Kansas City MO, you’ll find a wide variety of city parks that provide many opportunities for outdoor activities. If you love the outdoors or want an opportunity to get some exercise in nature, then park hopping is definitely something to consider when visiting this area.

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There are three different types of parks located throughout the metro: community, neighborhood and regional. Community Parks have more amenities than Neighborhood Parks but cannot host larger events such as festivals or concerts like Regional Park facilities can do so with ease. Each type has its own unique features which makes them suited towards certain functions and gatherings while other locations may be better suited for sports practice or field trips by schools & colleges.

Penn Valley Park – This enormous park is one of the largest in all of Kansas City MO. Located at about 31st & Penn Ave, you’ll find a variety of amenities within this location which includes an indoor ice rink and golf course (both open throughout most seasons), tennis courts, picnic areas with grills, outdoor swimming pool for those scorching hot summer days and even horse stables if you want to go for a ride!

Hogan Park – This beautiful 42 acre community park located near downtown KCMO has been around since 1928 but was recently improved thanks to some generous donations from local companies such as Hallmark Cards. Today it serves as home base for both youth recreational sports teams like soccer or baseball as well as adult softball leagues during spring and summer seasons. It also includes the popular “Blue River Greenway” which is a great place to go jogging or biking given its scenic views of the Blue River that runs through this location and even has some small fishing areas for those who enjoy catching bass or trout.

Rosedale Park – This regional park was built in 1971 on over 175 acres located south of downtown KCMO near I-435 & Roe Ave, you can find an abundance of amenities at this locale such as sports fields (baseball diamond included), tennis courts, skateboarding ramps, soccer fields complete with bleachers for spectators to watch games from and more! The most notable feature about Rosedale Park though are its two large lakes where one offers paddleboats for rent, the other is a popular fishing destination for those hoping to catch bass or catfish.

Sporting KC Park – Home of Sporting Kansas City Major League Soccer team as well as home base for both youth & adult soccer teams in this area, it’s no wonder that over 14 acres of space within this location are dedicated purely towards playing fields! This beautiful and modern complex also includes state-of-the art locker rooms and training facilities which allow athletes from around the world an opportunity to compete on one of North America’s finest professional stages. With all these amenities available during any season year round, there truly isn’t much you can do here besides having fun outdoors whether with your family, friends or teammates!

City Parks in Kansas City MO Community parks, neighborhood parks and regional parks provide many opportunities for outdoor activities. Outdoor sporting is popular throughout the metro area including soccer, baseball and softball games as well as jogging or biking on scenic trails that run through various locations throughout KCMO.